Don’t just survive. Thrive.
The Military Spouse’s Biblical Guide to Life

Kathy Barnett and Carrie Daws share their combined 35 years of life as military spouses. They talk about more than the trials they faced and the mistakes they made.

They tell you keys to thriving as a military spouse.

You’ll Learn:

  • How your husband’s calling affects you, and your attitude changes everything.
  • What to do when you and your husband are total opposites.
  • How to navigate military life with children, even when you don’t live near family.
  • How to face common fears and troubles without losing your mind.
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  • Their views and commitment to marriage[with honesty] is a beacon of light in a world which is trying to destroy the marriage plans God wants for us. It really brought across marriage in a very real, powerful way that made me personally reflect on my own expectations of marriage, when it happens, but how it needs to be rooted in the Lord more than ever. A particular favourite part was the mention of how happy we are to want Jesus as our saviour but how much do we want him as LORD over our life? That really made me go away and think.”

    Lousia Black

  • Wow! This book is fantastic. It’s a wonderful treasure of information for married women…military and civilian. Even though the authors promote this book as advice for military spouses, all of the principles and guidance found here are applicable for any married woman. It covers subjects all the way from handling the fear of your husband’s death to dealing with a husband whose job requires him to be away from home and the family for long, extended periods of time.”

    Joanie Bruce

  • The Warrior Bride is an encouraging read for military and non-military wives. Carrie and Kathy are transparent, raw, honest, and inspirational in this one of a kind read. It’s a life-giving story of real people, real struggles, and real solutions. The authors use scripture as a way to point folks Godward. Forgiveness and grace (from God and in your marriage) is a recurring theme throughout the book.Their choice to make themselves vulnerable demonstrates their love of God, family, and relationships. "


  • Courageous and open discussion of real problems military families face, and how to cope. Going through the fire as a military bride has turned Kathy Barnett into a warrior of God in her own right. Her strength, through God, to face the past and follow him, is truly a testament to his glory, love, and hope for us.”

    Sam S

Kathy Barnett

Carrie Daws

About the Authors

Kathy and Carrie have been ministering to military wives together since 2008.

Through lots of prayer, Bible study, and the encouragement of close friends, they stepped out to share their journeys with you in the pages of The Warrior’s Bride.

Still active in military ministry, Kathy and Carrie work each week with military spouses, desperate to spread the word that God wants each military family to succeed.

Barnett and Daws are the wives of retired military members. But more importantly, they are women who love Christ and want to help you find God’s vision for your life and marriage.

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